The Most Powerful Dietary Change Ever? It’s free and you can implement it now.

When I was spending time with one of my mentors (Willie  -a Haudenasaunee medicine man), the subject of gathering herbs came up.

He told me “You shouldn’t gather if you’re in a bad mood or have other things on your mind. You must be unshakeably present and say Grace over the plants, praying in the language. They are living beings and will understand what you desire and will be willing to help you. The Creator made us for each other. Take what you need, but only what you need, and be always, always be grateful.”


When I can remember to, I try to apply this to everything I bring into my body, from food, water, air, sunlight, herbs. If possible, I make mealtime distraction free, a communion. I deeply witness the sensation of each bite or sip. I feel the light coming into my body and I thank the food at all points along its journey, even back through its DNA, knowing that we are one consciousness. We unify our experiences.

Masaru Emoto has shown the effect of emotion on water, Cleve Baxter and others have demonstrated the same for plants. Other researchers also are looking deeper into how we connect energetically with our environs. Wherever we turn, we find ourselves in the circle of life.

We all know by now the value of eating natural, living foods. What about our emotional diet? Do we dine mentally in harmony with Creation? Even if we follow the purest diet we know of, but have a hate on for those who do not, are we tainting our own health? Are we straying from the Whole Love?

If love is wellness, surely forgiveness is strong medicine and gratitude is the path.

I  invite you to play with this and see the results in your mental, physical and spiritual states.

Yours, with a-Tom-ic Love, xo


Welcome to the Whole Love Healing Blog

Welcome friends, clients, health enthusiasts, remedy seekers.

My name is Tom Lickers. I have been in the natural healing camp for over 15 years. Losing my father to cancer when I was 19 and when cancer was relatively rare changed my life significantly. Since then I have witnessed the passing of many other loved ones and friends.


I was brought up in a First Nations household, and spirituality and healing it seems are built into my DNA. I used to sing songs in the Seneca language on my grandfather’s knee. My mother received a miraculous healing when I was 14. I use the terms “miraculous” and “natural” interchangeably. I was thrown back into the healing and spiritual arena later in life when my wife took ill with cancer. I lived and breathed research for the 3 years we had left together.

A few years later, I embarked on a path of energy healing, Then my own health challenges beckoned me to my calling once again to once again research diet and re-embrace the herbs.  My recent work has been with new teachers and old modalities of miraculous and simple healing. I’ve been able to help a great many people in very significant ways and continue to do consultations, research and write about my passion, my path, my dharma.

Thank you for walking with me along this path. Let’s make well these bodies, not so we can live in them forever, but so we can share a beautiful experience, and travel many journeys in body, mind and spirit.

Having “faith” is embracing simplicity. What could be more simple than a miracle? This is the fabric of Creation!